This story is the second part of a series on Git Version Control System Fundamentals. You can access to Part 1 of the series here.

In the last part, I tried to answer the questions “what is git version control ?” and “what it is for ?”. Besides those, I introduced basic and most commonly used git commands. In this part, I wanted to talk about more advance git commands and how to utilize them. Let’s begin.

We can start with the command that helps us getting the latest changes from the remote repository. We went over “git pull” command…

Once I was developing a React Native Mobile App, I need tons of data serving my need from the “World Wide Web” and had very little time to get them. (No time to write with hand manually.) I have done some research as someone eager to learn new technologies, found the concept of Web Scraping. After more research, I give a Python Web Scraping library called BeautifulSoup a chance.

In this story, I will try to explain how to perform basic web scrapping using Python and BeautifulSoup library using my own code as an example.

A side note, Web scrapping…

There are a huge amount of data is being generated every day by billions of people and they are stored in systems called databases. With a lot of data, the incoming traffic to those database systems are rapidly increasing.

Because of the huge number of traffic incoming to database systems, it is getting harder and harder to maintain the availability and performance high. There is a severe need of scaling the systems to make them highly available and high performant.

This is a brief introduction about the general database scaling concepts . …

This story is the first part of a series on Git Version Control System Fundamentals. If you want to proceed, you can find the second part of the series here.

Git is a free, open-source Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) and it keeps track of projects and files as they change over time with the help of different contributors. Git keeps track of the changes made to the code. So when a bug arrises you can see what stage of the development caused the bug and you can revert the change.

The major difference between Git and any other VCS’s…

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